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Written by on January 10, 2022

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Michele and I are delighted to announce that after lengthy discussion, we have decided to pick our memory banks from childhood and combine our common adult passion in the fight against gender based violence into a new Conversation. This is a particularly difficult dialogue and one which is skirted by many societies, in particular the very societies within which it occurs. We will be raising awareness and raising funds to begin a campaign that will hopefully reach far and wide into the bowels of all corners of the world, grabbing attention of both abusers and their victims. Our goal is to be able to make a difference in whatever way possible. Michele will be harnessing her knowledge of fabric, color-way and art to create a tapestry that will combine the earthy elements and tones of nature in a piece which will also call back to the past and remind us of ancient weaving techniques which were handed down from one generation to the next. A woven creation which not only raises awareness, but also speaks to our mother country and her people to tell them that although we have left, we haven’t forgotten.

To start this dialogue and give body to our upcoming podcast we would like to reach out to anyone who has been touched in any way by gender based violence including incest. Our facebook page, The Conversation Stopper, is where you can contact us either by posting on our wall or sending an inbox privately. Your messages will guide us as we choose topics and guest speakers to join us for future podcasts. Your input will also lead us down the collaborative artworks pathway as we continue this project.

A very important part of this collaboration is to make contact with charities who deal with gender based violence and it’s broader repercussions, we need to narrow down which organizations helped people the most in order to channel our energy where it is likely to have the most impact.

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